Image: Chris Marker, Still from La Jetée (1962)

Carol speaks to Phoebe Judge, host of acclaimed crime podcast Criminal, about the colour blue for her series This is Love.
This Is Love Podcast

‘Self Publish Be Happy Ten Questions with Carol Mavor’
Spring 2018

A Conversation with Emma Wilson,
focusing on childhood, mothers, boys, fairy tales and the importance of making things.

PN Review, May-June, 2017

‘Digressions: on essaying in the U.K.’
Curated by Elizabeth Reeder

Featuring Carol Mavor, Jacques Testard, and Max Porter with an afterword by Kristen Kreider
Essay Press, October 2016

‘Lighter than Air: An Interview with Carol Mavor’
Brian Dillon and Carol Mavor
Cabinet Magazine, Issue 39 Learning (Fall 2010)