Select Fiction and Poetry

‘A Magpie and an Envelope’
Thoughts One Can’t Do Without series
Juxtapress, February 2021

‘The Book of Mary’
‘Water’, Issue 1, 2019 (forthcoming)

‘Like Water in Water’
(a short story)
Hotel, No. 4, Spring 2018

‘Mothball Moon’
PNR, 229, May 2016

‘Not a Dead Letter’
Flash: The International Short Story Magazine
Vol. 7, No. 2, October 2014

‘Like a Lake’
Short Fiction, No. 9, Autumn 2015
A limited edition of ‘Like a Lake’ is available for purchase.

Select Essays

Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demenÿ, Retournement Lapin, 1893-94, series of stills from the films chronophotographiques.


‘Moeder, Maman. Mom’
in Chantal Akerman: Afterlives, edited by Marion Schmid and Emma Wilson (Cambridge: Legenda, 2019)

‘Smack-dab: Finding Love in the Painting of Manny Farber’
in Manny Farber, eds. Michael Almereyda, Jonathan Lethem and Robert Polito (forthcoming)

‘Two Hares Falling Out of Breath’
Cabinet Magazine, (forthcoming)

‘The Closed Cosmogony of Utopia’
Frieze Masters, (Issue Five, October 2016)

A few words on middleness
Cabinet Magazine, Issue 56 / Winter 2014–2015

‘Colors / Aquamarine’
No past, no future
Cabinet Magazine, Issue 51 / Fall 2013

‘Encircling Black and Blue’
Photography and Culture, Volume 6, Issue 3, 2013

‘Tragic Candy, Time: Minou Drouet and the Photograph’
Cabinet Magazine, 2011

‘Alicious Objects: Believing in six impossible things before breakfast; or reading Alice nostologically’
Photographies, 2011

‘“Phantoms of the Past, Dear Companions of Childhood, Vanished Friends,” Making Sense of Sally Mann’s Trees’
Making Sense: For an Effective Aesthetics
Edited by Lorna Collins and Elizabeth Rush (Peter Lang, 2011)