(2015, black and white, 39 minutes)

by Carol Mavor and Megan Powell

A ten-year-old boy prefers not to eat. Where summer vines grow a mile a minute and insects are the size of birds, Ivo is becoming bones.

Hypnotic and beautiful, FULL is a moving-image portrait that unveils the drama and terror of one boy’s anorexia and his mother’s failure to feed him.

“Carol Mavor’s lyrical narrative fits the film essay genre like a glove. Megan Powell’s stills and close-ups hold the viewer in a tight embrace, evoking an anxious proximity to the mother’s body… FULL maneuvers skillfully through… space– close, still, tight, too full of meaning, and then with a single gesture, at the end of the film, lets go, leaving the viewer with a palpable sense of relief and a quiet place for reflection on a remarkable journey.”
– Mary Kelly

Note: The film begins silently. Audio comes in after the film titles.

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